Labor & Employment

We represent a wide variety of companies in providing creative and cost-effective solutions to their labor and employment needs. First, we assist our clients in preventive measures to avoid litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, however, we defend employers against a wide variety of administrative and/or legal actions, such as claims of wrongful discharge (including breach of contract, defamation, emotional distress, and whistleblower actions), all forms of discrimination (such as age, race, gender, disability, religion, and sexual harrassment), wage and hour issues, health and safety complaints, and enforcement of non-competition and/or confidentiality agreements.

We have hands-on trial experience defending wage and hour class action suits. We defended a Fortune 500 corporation in a 12-week wage and hour class action, which involved a class of 56,000 employees, more than 40 witnesses, and hundreds of exhibits.

Our attorneys have handled employment matters in various state and federal courts, administrative agencies (such as EEOC, OSHA, and other local and state equal employment opportunity agencies) and appeared before state and federal appellate courts.