• Blackwell Burke P.A. Wins Summary Jury Trial

    Minneapolis law firm Blackwell Burke P.A. successfully defended global manufacturer (and third-party defendant) Vishay Intertechnology Inc. in a summary jury trial in the United States Federal Court District of Minnesota. Cannon Technologies Inc. sued Sensus Metering Systems Inc. for breach of implied warranty alleging that Sensus had manufactured defective electrical meters. Blackwell Burke P.A. represented Vishay against Sensus’s third-party complaint alleging that Vishay had provided a defective component for Sensus’s meters. A summary jury found that Blackwell Burke P.A. client Vishay did not breach an implied warranty to Sensus. In contrast, the summary jury found that Sensus breached its implied…
  • Blackwell Burke P.A. Scores Major Defense Victory in Consumer Popcorn Case

    Minneapolis law firm Blackwell Burke P.A. successfully defended international food manufacturer ConAgra Foods Inc. in the nation’s first two consumer product liability cases brought to trial where consumers claimed lung disease from exposure to microwave popcorn vapors. Although so-called “popcorn lung” suits have resulted in significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of industrial workers, these defense victories in consumer cases deliver a one-two punch against similar cases filed across the country. After a month-long trial in the plaintiffs’ counsel’s home court in Jackson County, Missouri, a jury in the case of Khoury v. ConAgra Foods found in favor of ConAgra…
  • Blackwell Burke P.A. Wins Summary Judgment After 5-Hour Daubert Hearing

    A Washington federal district court judge rendered a 70-page opinion in Newkirk v. ConAgra Foods that awarded summary judgment and dismissed all claims in favor of Blackwell Burke P.A. client ConAgra Foods. Firm Partner Corey Gordon argued in a five-hour Daubert hearing that plaintiffs’ expert witnesses had not applied valid scientific methodology in their efforts to link microwave popcorn use to chronic lung disease. The court agreed. Gordon successfully refuted a primary argument that consumer exposure to popcorn additives was comparable to industrial-level exposure. Blackwell Burke’s extensive experience with food safety issues, their understanding of the science of food production…

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